Morning Pages — to handwrite or type? That is the question

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Unsplash
Photo by Digital Content Writers India on Unsplash
A few of my journals!
  • Handwriting allows more expressive stuff to come out and my brain has time to think of similes and metaphors. Entrepreneur super-connector and business coach Chris Winfield says that the slower pace of handwriting morning pages allows us to connect with our emotional life.
  • Handwriting gives me a break from the keyboard.
  • Handwriting shuts down the inner editor (critic) as I cannot go back and correct. The idea is just to keep writing. Sometimes the words that come out, while incorrect are actually perfect for the sentence, or provoke another thought, or a laugh, like a Freudian slip.
  • I write fast for a set amount of time (25 minute Pomodoro) and feel relaxed about the amount I get written.
  • I love writing with fountain pens in beautiful journals
  • It’s difficult to scan my handwritten pages to find topics I may want to write on further (even when I put asterisks and action comments in the margin)
  • I end up with boxes of journals and pages of writing that I don’t particularly want anyone else to read and can’t bear to throw out (not good for a minimalist lifestyle!)
  • Ink may fade or be washed off the page! It may not be permanent.
  • I can type faster than I write, so Morning Pages can be done more quickly (in theory)
  • Electronic storage means no physical space taken up by journals
  • Entries are easy to read and search for particular topics
  • Entries are stored forever (in theory)
  • Trust is invested in an on-line organisation that they will keep going and that your entries will always be available to download
  • There is a subtle pressure to reach the 750-word target and when this does not happen, one can be tempted to fill the page with random stuff.
  • Entries are not as deeply connected to my inner life.
  • I am more inclined to edit and fix as I go, rather than continuing with the flow of the reflection. This gives the inner critic time to wade in.
This Noodlers Bullet Proof Ink really is waterproof!



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Renee Hills

Renee Hills

Flash fiction, picture books, reflections on life, and poetry. Interested in ethical living, the environment and social justice. Reclaiming Italian heritage